Cat Drinking Water Fountain

Cat Drinking Water Fountain

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  • Cat fountain features 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting cat water; the unique design filters water so that it always stays fresh
  • Can hold up to 3L in the cat water bowl and takes up little floor space; dimensions are 9.0 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches
  • Includes triple action, softening cat water filter and small energy-efficient pump with power cord (if an extension cord is necessary, connection must be watertight and dust proof); made of BPA-free materials
  • Ergonomic design matches the Catit Multi Feeder; combine the cat water fountain and cat feeder to create a cat feeding station for a complete dining experience
  • If the cat water fountain pump is making excessive noise, be sure to check the water level as it is most likely low

From the manufacturer


The Catit Flower Fountain allows up to 3 different water flow settings to encourage your cat to drink more.

Drinking regularly is important for cats’ health as it helps prevent urinary tract diseases, which is a common health problem in cats.



  • Compact 3 L (100 fl oz) reservoir
  • 3 water flow settings
  • Encourages your cat to drink more, which helps prevent urinary tract diseases
  • Includes Triple action filter and small energy-efficient pump
  • Low power usage
  • Made of BPA-free materials

Compact and ergonomic design

with whisker-stress free drinking surface

The Catit Flower Fountain’s water reservoir features a handy water level window. With its 3 L (100 fl oz) capacity, it holds more clean water and is much more stable in comparison to other fountains.

Since cats are picky drinkers, the Flower Fountain allows for different settings: a gentle water flow, a bubbling top, or calm streams. The drinking surface is at comfortable height and doesn’t place stress on your cat’s sensitive whiskers.

Keeps your cat hydrated 24/7





Clean water at all times

Unlike bowls, the Catit Flower Fountain pushes only filtered, running water to the surface. This prevents your cat from having access to dirty water.

Includes Triple Action Filter

The filter purifies your cat’s drinking water in 3 ways: 1. Cotton mesh filters out debris 2. Active carbon removes odors and impurities 3. Ion exchange resin softens tap water.

Only for use with certified Catit filters

Catit Triple Action filters are guaranteed to safely and optimally purify your cat’s drinking water for approximately 30 days. It’s recommended to replace the filter monthly, or sooner if the filter is visibly saturated.

BPA-Free & Easy to clean

The Flower Fountain is made of BPA-Free materials, and is easy to take apart for cleaning. Every component is easily accessible and can be cleaned with water and natural soap. Always make sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning.